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Household Laundry

Blankets and quilts are often storied and nostalgic pieces in a household, that can cause some anxiety around cleaning and fabric care. For example, great-grandma’s handstitched piece of textile art may get passed down to a grateful grandchild, without mention how to clean a quilt or delicate throw. Fortunately, that is well within our wheelhouse of expertise here! We offer excellent and convenient household cleaning service!  Many consumers may not know how to wash a wool blanket or quilt. That is where our cleaning experts come in. Our excellent and experienced staff is trained to clean any fabric and treat it with the utmost care and respect. Besides, our process is safe for dry clean only and delicate fabrics like the ones that make up many prized quilts and blankets. We also understand that sometimes, there can be a blanket emergency! If your child’s favourite blanket is doused in dirt or a family heirloom quilt is suddenly stained. We take dry cleaning quilts and other family items very seriously. So, whether your linen closet needs a good spring cleaning or you’re preparing your stash of fluffy blankets and comforting quilts for fall cold weather, we have a safe solution for a quickly cleaned household item!

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